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Happy Thanksgiving

Thursday, November 23rd, 2006

Eat what could have been the symbol of these united states (had Franklin got his wish), and be merry. [[Image:tablet doodles/turkey.jpg]] 25 tenuate adipex tenuate allegra tenuate best buy tenuate buy cheap online tenuate buy cheap tenuate buy cheap tenuate online buy diethylpropion tenuate buy online tenuate buy tenuate buy tenuate cheap buy tenuate dospan […]

tablet pooch

Thursday, September 21st, 2006

Too much coding as of late. I felt like doing some tablet doodlin’ so as to remind myself that I still like computers. The latest is a pic of me pooch. [[Image:tablet doodles/pooch.jpg]]

picture pages, picture pages

Tuesday, June 13th, 2006

Figure if I intend to keep posting me doodles, I’d do well to organize things a tad better. Hense, the new ‘picturePages’ page to yer right. I figure I’ll post the doodles what I think are better than most mine blog style, and not bug anybodies with the not-so-special ones. For who-so-ever may care, they […]

tablet doodle #2

Friday, June 9th, 2006

I’m starting to get the hang of it. I also used to hate coloring. Not such a chore with the tablet.

My 1st graphic tablet

Thursday, June 8th, 2006

I bought myself a burfday present from newegg – my 1st graphic tablet. I’ve never drawn with one, but feel like I’ll pick it up quick enough. Can’t afford Wacom, so I went with an 8×6 Genius Mousepen. I’m quite pleased with it, though (having never used one) I don’t have much to compare it to. […]