Yay random!

I awoke with the strangest notions at 5am. To color in my meaning of “strangest” for you couple-few readers, my immediate thoughts on waking were the number 55 as it appears sideways, why my feet seem so far away, the color of silvering, and Rutherford B. Hayes. Puzzled at the lack of connective tissue and/or anything like a point of origin, I took a walk in the cold morning air. Ultimately, I knew sleep was confounded and interrupted because I was terribly nervous about an upcoming few minutes on stage for a 1-off piece involving an audience-sound-driven game thing… a TEDx project I’ve been wrestling with (and my pool team’s participation in this morning’s regional tournament). The walk was spurred, however, by wondering why the hell my sleeping brain would toss up such specific seeming pure nonsense in the wake of my concerns. After all, I subscribe to the notion that dreams are, at least in part, an attempt at resolution to daily psychological conflict… and a self-banter of the events of the day to test worthiness for long-term storage. Anyway… why such disarray?

In the coarse my walk, it struck me that particulars of these sleep-to-wake thoughts were not, uh… well, particularly important in and of themselves. Instead, what was really cool was to find myself at such an odd hour deeply considering aspects of the remaining project issues from a perspective entirely left-field. Even when we think we love and appreciate random, we still attempt to enforce some sort of narrative. Being away form the computer, I found myself stepping through code to test silly ideas. What was surprising and rad was the fact that I could actually traverse nearly every line of code with relative ease. Turns out I attribute this ability to the fact that the code for this project is an utter mess. The whole thing is a giant procedural lump in 1 frame of good ‘ol Flash, some rough-around-the edges drawings in the library, and a few actually well considered older classes that I decided to copy into the same folder so I could play and destroy what order they may have originally had. Turns out, I found I had ascribed what amounted to addresses for each lump… ranging from stately homes to mud huts. My mess was a map and totally familiar. Moreover, it was a map that actually had some hidden structure… if only for my eyes. This, as I eventually recalled, was not something new to me… just refreshed. Dig this ancient post of mine from over 6 years ago. It was exciting to circle back and find how far I had come while apparently preserving some of the old spirit that got me coding in the first place.
Incipiently, my walk did actually conjure up a fix to my project’s grossest error. I may just clean some of this up for others to make sense of it and post the source. Yay random!

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